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Introduction of intelligent toilet motor

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Intelligent toilet motor is a small power micro precision transmission motor, full name "induction automatic flip intelligent toilet motor" referred to as intelligent toilet motor, the main structure of the transmission motor, gear box (reducer) assembled from the gear reducer; In order to better meet the needs of intelligent home and intelligent bathroom equipment drive market, intelligent toilet motor parameters are usually customized to develop technical requirements, such as the structure type, output speed, power, voltage, diameter and other technical parameters of the drive motor. Gearbox transmission reduction ratio, output torque, gearbox transmission structure, rotary accuracy, transmission noise, gear material and other technical parameters are customized development; Zhaowei Electromechanical Co., Ltd. focuses on research and development, design, manufacturing intelligent toilet motor gear box services, to provide customized development services.

Intelligent toilet motor parameters technology:

Hardware planetary gear box

Product model: 25BY412L-G

Product specification: φ 16MM reduction gear box

Voltage: 3-24V (customizable)

Product current: 80-500mA (customizable)

Reduction ratio: 64-216 (customizable)

Output speed: 10-1000 r/min (customizable)

Drive motor: DC motor, stepping motor, electric motor (can be customized)

Product features: small specification, low noise, rotary accuracy, large torque, wide range of

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