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Ground precautions for stepper motor drivers

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Driver (servo drives) is also called; Step controller; ,; Step amplifier; Is used to control a stepper motor controller, its role is similar to the inverter on the ordinary AC motor (motor), belongs to a part of the stepper system, mainly used in high precision (degree) positioning system. Generally, the stepper motor is controlled by position, speed and torque in three ways to achieve high-precision positioning of the transmission system. At present, it is a high end Product of transmission Technology.

1. If there is no isolation between the AC power supply and the driver DC bus (such as the transformer), do not connect the non-isolated port of the DC bus or the ground of the non-isolated signal to the ground, it may cause equipment damage and personnel injury. Because the common voltage of the AC is not to the ground, there may be a high voltage between the DC bus ground and the ground.

2. In most stepping systems, all the common ground and earth are joined at the signal end. Ground loops generated by multiple ground connections are susceptible to noise (decibels (dB)) and flow at different reference points.

3. In order to keep the command reference voltage (VOLTAGE) constant, the signal ground of the stepper motor driver should be connected to the signal ground of the controller. It will also be connected to an external power supply, which will affect the operation of the controller and driver (e.g., the 5V power of the encoder).

4, shielding layer grounding is more difficult, there are several methods. Stepper motor drive Stepper motor can not be directly connected to the industrial frequency AC or DC power supply work, and must use a special driver, as shown in the figure, it is composed of pulse generation control unit, power drive unit, protection unit and so on. The two units enclosed by dotted lines in the diagram can be realized by microcomputer control. The stepper motor driver is an actuator that converts electrical pulse into angular displacement. When the stepper driver receives a pulse signal, it drives the stepper motor to turn at a fixed Angle (called the "step Angle") in a set direction, and its rotation moves step by step at a fixed Angle. The correct shielding junction is at a reference potential point within its circuit. This point depends on whether the noise source and reception are both grounded or floating. Make sure that the shield is grounded at the same point so that the Electron flow does not flow through the shield.

With the large-scale application of stepper system, stepper motor driver use, stepper motor driver debugging and stepper motor driver maintenance are all relatively important Technology topics of stepper motor driver nowadays. More and more industrial control technology service providers to step motor driver technology in-depth research (research). The stepper motor driver can control the angular displacement by controlling the number of pulses, so as to achieve the purpose of accurate positioning; At the same time, the speed and acceleration of motor rotation can be controlled by controlling the pulse frequency, so as to achieve the purpose of speed regulation and positioning.

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