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Guide for selection of stepper motor drivers

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The speed of the stepping motor is proportional to the frequency of the pulse signal, and the frequency of the stepping pulse signal can be controlled to accurately regulate the motor; Control the number of stepping pulse, can accurately position the motor. Therefore, the typical stepper motor driver control system is mainly composed of three parts:

Step controller: man-machine interface, motion planning, I/O control.

ver: pulse distribution, current expansion.

3. Stepper motor: drive load.

What is the selection strategy of stepper motor driver?

Driver subdivision: stepper motor driver operation form has the whole step, half step, subdivision, the primary difference lies in the motor coil current control precision. Generally, stepper motors have the characteristics of low frequency oscillation. The stability of low speed operation can be improved by subdivision setting.

Drive supply voltage: Drive input voltage bump resolution motor high speed function. The higher the power supply voltage, the greater the motor torque at high speed, the more can prevent high speed out of step. However, too high voltage will lead to overvoltage maintenance of the driver, and the motor is hot, which may lead to driver damage. When working under high pressure, the oscillation of motor's low speed motion will be larger.

The current of the driver: the current is the basis to judge the driving capacity of the driver. Generally, the maximum rated current of the driver cannot be greater than the rated current of the motor. The output current setting of the driver determines the torque of the motor. When the current setting value is larger, the output torque of the motor is larger, but when the current setting is too large, the heat of the motor and the driver is more serious. The general setting method is to choose the rated current value of stepper motor as reference, but the best value in practice should be adjusted on this basis.

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