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First, the principle of both political integrity and ability. The selection and use of talents should be based on comprehensive evaluation and the requirement of having both ability and virtue. It should be insisted that only those with virtue are mediocrities and those with talent and virtue are mean people.

The second is the principle of "effect theory". When it comes to the use of talents, we don't look at qualifications or abilities, we don't look at diplomas or levels. No matter what status, education background or age, as long as we have done well, excelled others and made outstanding achievements, we will boldly employ and entrust important tasks. At present, the average age of the company's technicians and middle managers is around 35 years old, and the average age of workshop directors is around 30 years old. These people are young and sometimes not highly educated, but they are capable, driven and productive. We adhere to the "effect theory" employment mechanism, so that a large number of talents with both moral and ability to stand out, become the backbone of enterprise development.

Third, the principle of practice. "It takes three days to burn the test jade, and seven years to judge it." Over the years, all kinds of professional talents who work in Hongfei leather products are first arranged to the workshop production line, so that they can improve in practice, and then pass the public examination and select the best.

The principle of survival of the fittest. In the selection of talent, we have changed from "bole judge a horse" to "competition horse selection", who does well, we as talent to reuse; Otherwise, they can only be eliminated.

Fifth, the principle of "everyone is a talent". In the use of talent, eliminate the stereotype and mystery, so that suitable for people, quantity is suitable. As long as in the appropriate post to give play to a large degree of intelligence, is a certain sense of talent. In accordance with this principle, we assign each employee to a relatively appropriate position according to his/her level, expertise, experience and personality, so as to make full use of his/her talents and give full play to his/her abilities and promote the sustainable, rapid and efficient development of the enterprise.

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